My Business Story

My Business Story

My BUSINESS STORY of Bestfriend Goodies

Established in 1997, Best Friend Goodies begins with the journey of a young Batanguena territory
manager from Davao named Nenita Mendoza in winning the hearts and minds of local doctors in
Cagayan de Oro. She also won the heart of one of the talented local achievers of Cagayan de Oro in the
person of Jude Thaddeus Tan. Having married in 1996 after some years of courtship and engagement,
their love for each other gave birth to their first-born, Johnnie Boy, for whom Nenette’s initial foray into
family entrepreneurship would be named after.

The year 1996 actually saw Nenette suffer from post-partum depression and with her young husband
mostly at work to bring home the bacon for their growing family, she felt all alone then with the only
person, she considered her best friend, her son, Johnnie Boy.
Watching helpless at first at how his wife was handling the “blues”, it was Jong’s suggestion that
Nenette might want to keep herself busy and occupied by pursuing her true passion and hobby: baking.
Thus, the Kitchen of Best Friend Johnnie was born.

Today, the small home-based Kitchen is now Best Friend Goodies: maker and marketer of delectable,
appetizing and hearty coffee table goodies and pasalubong home treats. It is committed to serving the
takeaway and pasalubong food needs of residents and guests of Region 10, or Northern Mindanao, from
right in the City long dubbed as the City of Golden Friendship.
Join us on this journey of love. Come, be our guest, and enjoy what Best Friend Goodies has to offer: food
treats at its finest and yummiest, now available nationwide through navigating this website.

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