Bestfriend Goodies: the history of CDO’s Best Pasalubong Treats

In 1996 a young mother whose love for her son, Johnnie Boy, inspired her to bake goodies for him. While working as a sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry, she brings and sells these goodies to doctors. These doctors became her first loyal customers.

She never stopped learning and would incorporate new skills each time she bakes. Because of this, she is already confident to know which tools are best to use and ingredients to make baked goodies. Her little hobby and passion became her business. As she was able to expand her market, she was able to provide a living not only for herself but also for her staff. Thus, the small home-based kitchen is now a dependable company named Bestfriend Goodies. It is a company that is a maker and manufacturer of delectable, appetizing and hearty coffee table goodies and pasalubong home treats.

It’s very fortunate for someone to have a hobby and turn it around into a business. As Bestfriend Goodies has expanded, they now have different varieties of pasalubong treats. With our partner distributors and dealers, Bestfriend Goodies is made easily available for anyone who travels, who wants snacks, or just want to be delighted with a bite. In any occasion, Bestfriend Goodies has been consistent in providing the comfort that one needs through their hearty treats. Thus, they have the tagline, “Make it happy!”

That’s the history of CDO’s best pasalubong treats from Bestfriend Goodies!


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