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Monggo with Squash in Coconut Milk

Mongo with Squash

Introducing “Bean Appetit”: A delightful fusion of naturally sweet squash and mung beans simmered in creamy coconut milk! Indulge in the perfect blend of flavors and textures with this mauthwatering dish for a truly satisfying experience.

✔ Ready to eat
✔ One Year shelf life
✔ FDA Approved
✔ Ambient Temperature Storage

Providing the world “A Taste of Home”


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I don’t usually leave reviews, but I’m going to make an exemption on this one.
A friend of mine who loves pastillas just handed me a ‘Best Friend Goodies’ pastillas the other day. I, the kind of person who’s not really into sweets, found myself unwrapping a piece of pastillas in my hand. Not long after I took a bite.
As the pastillas melts in my mouth, I thought to myself “This one tastes good”. I went home that day with 10 pieces of ‘Best Friend Goodies’ in my sling bag as pasalubong to my 2 good boys.You should try it, too.

– Roland King

Yummy pastillas! Must try! ??

Rhea Suzette Mocorro Haguisan

Delicious pure milk home made pastillas

Lovely Canoy

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