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I don’t usually leave reviews, but I’m going to make an exemption on this one.

A friend of mine who loves pastillas just handed me a ‘Best Friend Goodies’ pastillas the other day. I, the kind of person who’s not really into sweets, found myself unwrapping a piece of pastillas in my hand. Not long after I took a bite.

As the pastillas melts in my mouth, I thought to myself “This one tastes good”. I went home that day with 10 pieces of ‘Best Friend Goodies’ in my sling bag as pasalubong to my 2 good boys.You should try it, too. Roland King

Delicious pure milk home made pastillas Jupeo Seu Siseuko IkweetAl

Yummy pastillas! Must try! ?? Lovely Canoy

Yummy pastillas! Must try! ?? Rhea Suzette Mocorro Haguisan

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